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Rolling Eye Massager 
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MOQ: 100pcs
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Rolling Eye Massager


1 Heating massage.

Far-infrared heating:With 360°rotate roller ball heating up to accelerate blood circulation, improve

human body physical magnetic field, relieve fatigue and help to relax muscle and nerve.

2 Ion importing nutrition.

Negative ion:promote absorption, accelerate improvement and strengthen effects.

3 Light therapy Eye Massagerremoving black eye circles and pouches.

The red light with wavelength 625±3nm can improve blood circulation

and collagen albumen hyperplasia. Sitable for surrounding eyes .


The anion beauty pen adopts far infrared heating effect principle. Thermal radiation can penetrate into deep skin,

and absorbed by skin organization.

It can make atom and molecule of human body cell vibrate together to form thermal effect. It can accelerate blood

circulation and metabolism and organism regeneration capacity.


Operation procedure:          

Press any key twice to adjust the options.  Three times to switch off.    

1.Heating function

(Setting 20 minutes on high and low temperature respectively. Heating will automatically turn off after


First Press the temperature key for the 1st gear of heating up, green lamp for 38°C; Second press for 2nd

gear of heating up, red lamp for 45°C; Third press for turning off heating.

2. Light therapy function:                            

Firstly, lighting on the red lights on the massage head;

Second press for three red light flashing; Third press for

Third press red lights flashing in circle;

Fourth press for turning off the light therapy function.