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Product Detail
nano handy sprayer st825 
Original: $36.00
wholesale: $9.8
MOQ: 100pcs
sold out: 3000

2016 New Product Handy Style Beauty Care Facial Nano Mist Sprayer

  • rechargeable mist nano facial sprayer 1

  • fine mist sprayer 2

  • water mist sprayer 3

2016 New Product Handy Style Beauty Care Facial Nano Mist Sprayer

Product Description

What's nano mist sprayer ?                                        This is a safe and portable mist sprayer device with fashionable design, it can moisturize your skin deeply, and it dirnks mineral water, completely safe for anyone, including the pregnant and children. it's also samll and even light than a mobile phone, as well as fashion and exquisite, which can be put in your pocket,and use anywhere and anytime, Most importantly, it contributes to keeping your skin tender and fresh, it's already been the first choice for women and man's hydrating all over the world.

Working principle of nano mist sprayer ?                  

Nano Sprayer is a portable machine that skin care by adopting the nanometer ion technology, it adopted the high tech chip technology, special concussion technology to convert the skin care lotion to become the nanometer which can decompose to the ion in 0.25-0.5 micrometer and fast permeate into the basal cell layer of the skin. It can be effectively and deeply absorbed and produce the most excellent effect of skin care and beautification.

Functions of nano mist sprayer ?                              

Deep Hydrating:

1. With ceramic ultrasonic atomizer turning the mineral water molecule to water particle of which the diameter is far samller than skin pores, it can reach the bottom layer of the skin and be absorbed easily and effeciently.

2. Promotes the facial cells in blood circulation and metabolism.

3. Releases stress, anti-allergic,cures acne.clean, tighten the skin and keeps face with moisture.

4.Also can be applied to body,hair, and face etc.

Mobile power supply: Nano Spayer also can charge the mobile phone as a power bank, it can act as the power supply for a samll night light, or a samll fan, and so .on.