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HITACHI N4000 original  
Original: $320.00
wholesale: 68
MOQ: 20pcs
sold out: 200

[Baby Features]

* With warm (front) plus frozen (rear) guide, to enhance cleansing and moisturizing effect. Can be transferred in accordance with the state of the skin stronger, medium and weak strength of the three import and export.

· "Hadakurie" a breakthrough in double-headed cold and warm head design.

· In about 40 degrees of new warm head, can open the pores, the deeper the pores dirt removed.

* Can make the moisture content of the skin more able to maintain a longer time.

· 4 operating modes: warm cleaning mode, warm and moisturizing mode, warm mask Mask mode, COOL cooling mode.

Titanium lead: to prevent sensitive.

· Usual daily lotion can be used.

* Electric or AC dual-use, voltage 100-240 volts, travel for the world are applicable.

· Beauty machine has moisturizing and cleaning holes.

(The difference between N4000 and N3000):

(1) contact the head a little higher than the N3000, easier to care on both sides of the nose and eye skin;

(2) more than the N3000 contact with a transparent protective cover;

(3) rechargeable moisturizing beauty instrument: charging time 1.5 hours, can use about 7 times (4 steps are used in the case);

(4) the use of N4000, the moisture content of the skin is coated only 1.3 times the make-up water at night after use, the next day the skin is also very moist.

(5) under the effect of warm effect, can open the pores, through the export clean function, so that the pores inside the dirty things sucked out, so that the next step moisturizing effect is more significant (cleaning effect is more significant than the N3000).

















· 备有温热(前)加冷冻(后)导头,提升洁面及保湿效果。可按照肌肤状态而调较强,中,弱三个力度导出导入。


· 在约40度的新增温暖头,能打开毛孔,更深层把毛孔污垢清除。

· 可令湿润的皮肤的含水量更能保持更长的时间。

· 4种操作模式:温热清洁模式、温热保湿模式、温热面膜Mask模式、COOL制冷模式。

· 钛金属导头:防止敏感。

· 可使用平日惯用的化妆水。

· 电或交流电两用,电压为100-240伏,旅行适用,全世界都适用。

· 美容机头有保湿和清洁孔。


(1)   接触头比N3000高一点,更容易护理鼻子两边和眼周的肌肤;

(2)   比N3000多了一个接触头的透明保护盖;

(3)   充电式保湿美容仪:充电时间1.5小时,能使用约7次(4个步骤都使用的情况下);

(4)   使用N4000时,肌肤的水分含量是只涂沫化妆水的1.3倍,晚上使用后,第二天皮肤也非常水润。

(5)   温热效果的作用下,能打开毛孔,通过导出清洁功能,使毛孔里面的脏东西吸出,从而使下一步保湿效果更显著(清洁效果比N3000更显著)。